Sar Trek Online – Special Starship – Rhode Island Class Refit

17 11 2011

The Rhode Island Class science vessel is a refit of the Nova Class, with a slightly updated look and new technology. Available in the C-Store, once purchased its components are interchangeable with the other Tier 2 science vessels. Science Vessel Refits come standard with a Photonic Displacer Module. This console module can be used to generate a photonic duplicate while masking the ship’s energy signature — a perfect decoy. The Photonic Displacer Module can be equipped on any Science Vessel in any console slot











Star Trek Online – Personal Starships – U.S.S. Palomino

13 11 2011

I just recently got back online started a brand new campaign within Star Trek Online. I am once again playing along the Science Officer Career path. I thought it would be fun, while playing this time, to get some screen-caps of my starships. My character’s name is James A. Ableman, Liuetenant Starfleet. Currently we are commanding an Oberth Class science vessel, the U.S.S. Palomino, NCC-93099. She came equipped with the Enhanced Plasma Manifold, as well as the retro-fitted fore and aft phaser banks from the TOS Constitution Class vessel. I am playing with the Collector’s edition game so I also have the prototype Red Matter Capacitor installed.


Star Trek Online – Special Starship – Oberth Class

6 11 2011

Here we have one of my personal favorites of the starships you can purchase with your Cryptic Points in Star Trek Online’s C-Store: the Oberth Class science vessel. She’s small and very nimble. This class is also meant for the Lieutenant rank. She comes equipped with an extra science console and an EnHanced Plasma Manifold, which you can take with you as you rank up and progress on to more advanced starships.

Star Trek Online – Special Vessel – NX Class

6 11 2011

Next in line for the Special Starships available currently thru the C-Store of Star Trek Online comes the NX Class starship. This is meant for those of Lieutenant rank. Its special ability is the Grappler and comes with an extra Tactical Console. If you’re itchin to go full retro within the game you can even by the NX era uniforms for your Captain and bridge officers. We’ll be covering that in future posts…

Star Trek Online – Special Vessel – TOS Constitution Class

5 11 2011

In addition to the many starships you can earn as you play thru Star Trek Online, the designers frequently add Special Vessels which can currently be purchased using Cryptic Points in the C-Store. These are often unique starships that come with specialized components. The first I’d like to present is the TOS era Constitution Class starship. This classic ship comes equipped with Level-based phasers in the original series Blue (they even make the original phaser sound), as well as an extra engineering console slot. You can take the phasers along with you to other starship classes.

Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Deep Space Science Vessels

30 10 2011

Rounding out the Tier 5 starships come the ungainly Deep Space Science Vessels. These ships are available in the Oracle Class, Detiny Class, and the Trident Class.

Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Reconnaisance Science Vessels

27 10 2011

The first of your two choices of Science Vessel types for Star Trek Online Admiralty is the Federation Reconnaisance Scienc Vessel. These consist of the Luna Class, Polaris Clas, and Sol Class.












Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Star Cruisers

25 10 2011

If the Federation Assult Cruiser is too aggressive for you, but you still want the resilience of a Cruiser, then you may like the Star Cruisers. These have more of a Scientific advantage. Honestly I’m not too big on these designs. They seem too simple, too smooth. The starship types available are the Avenger Class, Emissary Class, and Vanguard Class.














Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Assualt Cruisers

22 10 2011
Next in line for the Tier 5 starships of Star Trek Online are my personal favorites: the Federation Assault Cruisers. These big, beautiful, and powerful, ships consist of the Sovereign Class, Noble Class, and Majestic Class.

Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Fleet Escorts

21 10 2011

The alternate escort option for your Admiralty is the Fleet Escort. Fleet Escorts look more aggresive and come with a larger crew. This starship type consists of the Hermes Class, Dervish Class, and the Gryphon Class.



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