NX Class Starship (multiple views)

The Drex Files came thru again with these multiple views of the NX Class Starship…


One comment on “NX Class Starship (multiple views)

  1. Although Drex Files supplies you images, please be aware that most of them are not done by him at all. The ones here are my images/renders of the Enterprise for publicity and Magazines. Just so you know most everything stamped with his name is NOT his work. Meaning not his model, not his design, not his Image. He may or may not mention it in the text, but since and image has no text, it is VERY deceptive. HE was very briefly in the CG department as a novice and did a few shots and builds, but out of 12 years of working as the Lead CG Supervisor on three of the Treks, He was working in the art Department doing set design, graphics, etc. He DID design the NX-01 with some John Eaves input, it is truly his baby. He did a great job! However, the model he created was a “sketch”. The model used in all episodes was built by Pierre Drolet and the lighting kit that went all over the ship was done by me. The model up top here is the production model and the first three images were worked very hard on by me. I’m not sure of the last two, I did SO many.

    Robert Bonchune
    Lead CG Supervisor, Voyager, Enterprise and various DS9 , retired.

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