Federation Starship – Akira Class – Multiple Views

Here are a few beautiful renderings of the Federation Starship of the Akira Class. Thanks again to The Drex Files and of course to designer Alex Jaeger…


2 comments on “Federation Starship – Akira Class – Multiple Views

  1. Gee, what did Drex files have to do with this CG model? build, texturing lighting or actually rendering any of these particular images? Nope. Apologies, he did type his name on, in this case, my work so that once passed around, no one would ever know it wasn’t him by chance? Way to help your so called “co-workers and friends” Hope yours treat you better when you’ve done something. Drex Files did not work for the CG department. He worked for the Art Department, why he seems so unwilling to talk about what he actually did and instead post ~85% of the CG departments is a mystery.My collegues worked above and beyond what was asked, for almost 14 years for some of us is beyond, absolutely beyond my comprehension as a decent enough human being. If it were the reverse and my name started showing up on his work all over the internet, he would be calling everyone he knows including me and asking why I was being such an asshole. In this case though, he doesn’t see the problem.

    Robert Bonchune, Senior CG Supervisor, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise and DS9 when we did some shows.. There should be no Drexler tag to this ship in any form Unless just posting on your website counts. It’d be nice if the person who did all the above work WAS tagged though. Alex Jaeger first of course, for through his work came mine.

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