Pioneer Class Federation Starship – Re-imagined Concept

This was a project that was long delayed. But let me start with this…I think that Ryan Church is a fantastic artist. However, I have the feeling that when he designed the new U.S.S. Enterprise, for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, he did not approach it the same way as previous Star Trek starship designers/concept artists did. There doesnt seem to be enough of the “Form Follows Function” philosophy. It took me a while, but I slowly began to like the new design. I get what they were trying to do with it. Once I reached that point, I had to design my own. I thought what better way to do that than to use my previous Pioneer Class starship. I have long had a desire to refit the Pioneer, and had tried some sketches using Excelsior Class, Ambassador Class, and even Galaxy Class components, but they never really gelled into a cohesive design. So, recently we started playing with the components of Ryan Church’s Enterprise. Using the film, and a few Fan-Based schematics we found online as reference, and a few months of trial and error, we finally completed this drawing. I liked it so much I had to make a copy and added a little color to it, something I never did with the original.

Art by Collin J Wood

We have recently begun drawing a new version of this ship, on a much larger scale. The image posted was drawn on 11×17 in. paper. The new version will be drawn 3x larger which I hope will allow me to include much more detail. I am also going to use those images of Tobias Richter’s accurized Star Trek 2009 Enterprise as reference for the some of the finer details.

Once this is complete, we hope to re-create a finely detailed rendering with our trusty old version of Photoshop, and hope to finish the other views and an internal diagram as well.


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