“The Good That Men Do”…

For those of us who were disappointed by the Star Trek: Enterprise series finale “These Are the Voyages…”, authors Andy Mangels and Michael  A. Martin have given us a retelling of that story that is a bit more satisfying, far more detailed, and not the final voyage of the Enterprise and her pioneering crew.

 I don’t want to give the story away, but let’s just say that, according to an aged Jake Sisko and Nog, what we saw in the season finale was a much different version of what actually happened during that mission. For starters, it was not the final mission of Enterprise at all. In fact, the story is set just after the incidents that take place in the previous two episodes dealing wth the Tera Prime story arc. Events in the series finale are very similar to what occurs in the book, but overall it is drastically different. We get to learn more about the Aenar, the telepathic brethren of the Andorians. The Romulans play a big part as the stories bad guys. Section 31 rears its ugly head again. This tale has far more action and adventure, quite a bit of espionage, and a tragic ending that sets the stage for the next story “Kobyashi Maru”, which I am reading currently.

I’ll admit it took a little reading to get into this book, but by the middle I was hooked. The ending was unexpected, and a bit sad, but good none the less and makes the whole read worth.

I wold recommend this to anyone who truly loved the series like I did. Enterprise is my favorite of all of Star Trek’s incarnations. This is a great way yo continue Captain Archer and crew’s mission.


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