Starfleet Mk I Phaser concept

As I mentioned in a previous post, Star Trek: Enterprise was and is my favorite of the Star Trek television series. One afternoon, as I was looking over my various Star Trek collection items, I took a good look at my Art Asylum Phase Pistol and began to wonder what it might look like if we tweaked the design a little so that it would resemble more of a Phaser. The drawing came together a bit faster than I thought it might. So, here we have my take on what the Starfleet Mk I Phaser would look like. I envision this being issued during the 5th Season missions we never got to see, along with the NX-01 Refit (which is displayed wonderfully in the Star Trek: Ships of the Line 2011 calendar we recently received).

Art by Collin J Wood

Art by Collin J Wood


2 comments on “Starfleet Mk I Phaser concept

  1. This is fantastic – a really nice rendering, as well as a logical evolution of the phase pistol. I’m a fan of Enterprise as well, but it has been hard for me to reconcile it to TOS – it actually works to envision it as a forerunner to Abrams version, at least to me. That said, have you considered the evolution of the phase pistol from Enterprise into the laser pistol as used in the TOS episode, “The Cage”?

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