Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise…

Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, written and illustrated by Shane Johnson, published by Pocket Books in 1987.

After 23 years, I believe that this is still one of the best Starfleet Reference books ever published. The book focuses on the Refit Constitution Class Federation Starship U.S.S. Enteprise, NCC-1701. It begins with a history of the refit, which includes schematics of the new exterior design as well as “Contractor” sketches of proposed Impulse Engine designs and the rear quarter of the Command deck (they are actually the concept art created during the design of the ship for The Motion Picture).

The next section gives us technical drawings of the uniforms used from the Wrath of Khan era, as well as rank pins, Starfleet fonts and type faces, which are then followed by graphics and door labels. Moving  into the next portion of the book we are treated to  descriptions and overhead plan views going deck by deck from the Bridge all the way down to the Botanical Gardens. In between we get additional equipment from phasers and eningeering suits to Work Bees.

The book is ended with an Appendix that gives a little backstory into the Enterprise-A as introduced at the conclusion of The Voyage Home. This part is fun to read, but doesn’t seem to be in keeping with “Canon”. Apparently the Enterprise-A was originally christened the U.S.S. Ti-Ho, built from the keel up as an “Enterprise Class” starship in keeping with the Refit specifications, but installed with Transwarp Drive. After the “Whalesong” crisis of The Voyage Home, she was rechristened Enterprise and awarded to the newly demoted Captain James T. Kirk and crew.

If you can find this book, get it. It’s definitely worth it.


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