Nebula Class Federation Starship – Color Views

The Drex Files came through once again with some beautiful CGI renderings of the Nebula Class Federation Starship. These have to be the best images of this class of starship I have ever seen.


2 comments on “Nebula Class Federation Starship – Color Views

  1. This CGI Model ist not the ORIGINAL Nebula-Class Model. It was constructed with parts of a Galaxy Class. The real Nebula Class uses special parts different from the Galaxy Class.

  2. The Nebula Class underwent several changes due to time and monetary considerations. The final CGI was done by Robert Bonchune and wound up having the same Saucer Section and Nacelles as those on the Galaxy. Since that was the last design approved by CBS, who now owns all copyrighted Star Trek intellectual property, it is now the canon version of the Nebula Class Starship.

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