Armored U.S.S. Voyager

Here are  a couple of CG-Renders of the armored U.S.S Voayger that appeared in the Series finale.


2 comments on “Armored U.S.S. Voyager

  1. The ablative armor on the ship only lasts a few seconds. I would suggest getting additional armor playing for engineering, better defense against radiation for science, and some serious damage enhancers for tactical. Also suggest weapons that do more damage (polaron for instance) to fight the Borg, Quantum torpedoes, or something better, and at least a “Purple” deflector array. Other than that the ship itself deals damage and it’s good for Science or Engineering characters. Everything in the comment is for Tactical characters.

  2. This ships was designed and built almost exclusively by Pierre Drolet based on a drawing from Dan Curry. It is copyright CBS/Paramount. It is not a drexfiles property. I almost guarantee I rendered those images for Star Trek the Magazine. Not clear on the drexfiles watermark. That person was not involved.I am unclear on watermarking your name on other peoples work and/or property.

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