Sovereign Class Federation Starship – Color Views

The Drex Files released these images of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-E, Sovereign Class Federation Starship, some time ago. The renders are imcomplete, missing a few textures, but still look pretty good. We also have a couple of other colored renderings from other sources.


One comment on “Sovereign Class Federation Starship – Color Views

  1. It’s worth noting (as Drexler did in his post) that this is not a screen-used CGI model – it’s a model made by an effects company based on eyeballed First Contact VHS screengrabs, and submitted to Paramount as an unsuccessful pitch for the Insurrection visual effects contract.

    As such, it is inaccurate in many areas – notably the curve of the hull beneath the deflector, and the plan-view shapes of the nacelles either side of the bussard collectors, and the aft end of the nacelles.

    Those are minor nitpicks, though – It’s an excellent model, considering its limited reference sources. Pretty remarkably good.

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