Pathfinder Class Federation Starship – Concept

Having always been a fan of the old Deadulus Class starship, I was pleasantly surprised to see a return to the spherical pimary hull in the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation – “All Good Things…”. The U.S.S. Pasteur was an elegantly simple design. And of cours, I was inspired to try my hand at incorporating the spherical primary hull into my own designs. What you see here is not the first attempt. There were two that came before, but this is my favorite…the Pathfinder Class Exploration Cruiser.

Art by Collin J Wood


U.S.S. Kelvin era Enterprise?

A few weeks ago I caught  glimpse of this starship and have been hunting down images of it ever since. So far, I have only found these two. This is a U.S.S Enterprise built with components from the era of the U.S.S. Kelvin. These images were produced by The Light Works. An interesting idea.

Delta Flyer – Auxilliary Spacecraft – Schematics

Today I thought we’d bring you the schematics of the Delta Flyer, an Auxilliary craft built by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager. I always thought this was a rather neat design and liked the way it incorporated both Starfleet and Borg technology.

Master Systems Display – Galaxy Class

Here is an updated MSD for the Galaxy Class Federation Starship. I recommend you check out Alexander Richardson’s blog He has a lot of great work there and was nice enough to allow us to post examples of his Master Systems Displays. Give him some traffic, please.

Master Systems Display – Saber Class Starship

Now that we have covered most of the Canon starship schematics, and before we get into some of the many non-Canon ships I have come across online over the years, I thought doing a run of Master Systems Displays would be a good idea. We will start here with the MSD of the Saber Class Federation Starship, as rendered by Alexander Richardson. This and many others including non-Trek related ships can be found on his blog at