Ships of the line in action…

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Star Trek Online – Tier 3 Starships – Federation Research Science Vessels

Rounding out the Tier 3 Federation Starships of Star Trek Online come my personal favorites: the Research Science Vessels. These are 3 variations of the U.S.S. Pasteur, appearing the TNG Series finale. you may choose from a more elaborate version of the Olympic class, or the new Hope Class, and Horizon class. Of course, you may also choose your favirote components of each and create your own.










Star Trek Online – Tier 3 Starships – Federation Heavy Cruisers

For those who prefer the Engineering career path, and who take a liking to sturdier starships, you get to shoose between these three Heavy Cruisers once you obtain the rank of Lieutenant Commander: the Cheyenne Class, Dakota Class, and Stargazer Class.








Star Trek Online – Tier 3 Starships – Federation Heavy Escorts

Once you progress to the rank of Commander within the game, you earn access to the Tier 3 starships. For those following the Tactical career path, you have the Heavy Escorts which consists of the Akira class, Oslo Class, and Zephyr Class.

Star Trek Online – Tier 2 Starships – Federation Science Vessels

Rounding out the Tier 1 starships of Star Trek Online are the science vessels consisting of the Nova Class, Aurora Class, and the Quasar Class. Science Vessels all come with a special Weapons Lock feature that allows you to target either Auxilliary Systems, Weapons, Engines, and Shields of an attacking enemy vessel.

Star Trek Online – Tier 2 Starships – Federation Cruisers

I would consider these, and all of the other Cruisers, the workhorse class. Bigger than the Escorts and Science vessels, more crew, better repair rates. The Tier 2 vessels include the classic Refit Constitution Class, and the new Excalibur and Vesper Classes.

Star Trek Online – Tier 2 Starships – Federation Escorts

Once you progress to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, access to Tier 2 starships becomes available. At this point you have 3 types of starship types to choose from. Here we have the Federation Escorts. These are tactical vessels, more combat oriented. Smaller crews, bigger guns. The ship variants available are the Sabre Class, Rapier Class, and Ushaan Class.

Star Trek Online – Tier 1 Starships – Federation Light Cruisers

We’re shifting our focus of this blog for a little while to concentrate on Star Trek Online. To start with, here we have what have been called the Tier 1 Starfleet starships. These Federation Light Cruisers include the Miranda Class, Centaur Class, and the new Shi’Kar Class. Some even refer to them as training vessels since these are the first ships you get to command within the game. What you see here are their basic forms. One of the great aspects of the game is that you can mix and match the components to create your own Starship. You are also given color schemes, aztec patterns, and even a few window options to play around with.