Federation Starship Concepts by ATOLM

Many of you will be aware of the artist known as Atolm. I stumbled upon some of his artwork a few years ago. Sadly, little has been heard from him lately. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show off a couple of my favorite designs of his. Some of these are truly inspired.  For those who have not heard of him or seen any of his work, enjoy this…


One comment on “Federation Starship Concepts by ATOLM

  1. All of these starship designs would be welcomed by me in any re-re-reiteration of Star Trek. I like to think the design in “Galaxy Quest” of the NESA Protector shook up the usual Trek formula of “saucer with a larger belly and two wap nacelles”. Even the old Star Trek: Starflight Chronology book imagined some radical transwarp UFP craft, and it’s high time that kind of thinking were made canonical.

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