Chariot Class Federation Starship – var 1 – Schematics

What we have for you today is a real treat. For those who have viewed the recent post displaying a few of my favorite conceptual designs by ATOLM, you should recognize this beauty: the Chariot Class Federation Starship. These schematics were created by Jim Morvay with some slight alterations from the original sketch. This is actually the 1st set of two variations on the design. I prefer this one, as it feels more like an exploration cruiser compared to what will appear in the next post.

(The thumbnails for some reason look horrible here. Click on them to view the full-size image. Trust me, its worth it.)



4 comments on “Chariot Class Federation Starship – var 1 – Schematics

  1. This has to be one of my favourite designs, by far.

    If I were to Captain a Starfleet vessel, this would be it!

    I hope Paramount Pictures decides this to be in one of the franchise movies, or rekindle the series.

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