Chariot Class – Federation Starship – var 2 – schematics

Today we bring you Jim Morvay’s second take on the ATOLM’s Chariot Class starship. This one shows heavy modifications, mostly offensive and defensive. It even has a docking port on the underside of the Primary hull for a Defiant Class starship. This a more aggressive starship than the previous design.

I’m sorry about the quality of the thumbnails. This same issue occured with the previous post. Click on them to get a tru view of what this ship looks like.


4 comments on “Chariot Class – Federation Starship – var 2 – schematics

  1. I like the Chariot-class Starship. Of all the ship designs featured in the Starship Schematics Database, this is one of the most original variations on Matt Jeffries’ classic Enterprise design. It’s also one of the most versatile, able to perform prodigies of exploration and research on the one hand, or on the other as Star Trek’s answer to the battlestar Galactica.
    There’s just one thing wrong with it. Version 2 has a Defiant-class frigate stuck nose-first into the Chariot’s lower engineering hull. But that’s where the Defiant keeps its main sensor! There’s no airlock in that spot that I’m aware of. So short of a short-range transport, how’re you supposed to get from the Chariot to the Defiant, and vice versa?

    • Considering that Defiant was always docked nose-first to Deep Space Nine, the image follows the tradition set in the show. I myself always did wonder the same thing though. I am not sure that it is even necessary to dock in that fashion with the Chariot Class when you consider the docking set-up on the underside of the Saucer.

  2. To answer both questions as I had done the re-design, the docking at the “nose” of the Defiant is achieved through a airlock located just above the sensor array (note the DS9 tech manual schematics). There is also another airlock located just aft of the bridge on the dorsal side of the Defiant which allows for the docking on the ventral side of the Patton’s saucer. I did do some research prior to the design so that my idea would work. Also, the ventral aft docking port on the Patton does accommodate well considering that the engineering hull of the Patton is much wider than the Chariot, again, to accommodate the new design idea of ferrying Defiants. The back story is rather long as to the Patton’s role, but essentially, it is a mobile tactical combat platform in time of war. She is a carrier, as well as being able to do field maintenance on Defiants and she will also accommodate a larger compliment of crew for evacs, medical emergencies, etc.

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