Star Trek Online – Special Starships – Gladius Class

Just recently added as a new class available for the Tier 2 Federation Escorts comes the Gladius Class. A variant on the Saber Class that saw extensive action during the Dominion War, the Gladius has an updated look and technology for Starfleet captains in the 25th century. The Gladius Class comes equipped with an Impulse Capacitance Cell that can create an Impulse Burst, greatly increasing the ship’s speed and defense in combat for a short period of time. This console may be equipped in any console slot of any Escort.












One comment on “Star Trek Online – Special Starships – Gladius Class

  1. Someone once paid the Starship Enterprise a very pretty compliment, calling her “majestic, rather than imposing.” That’s true of most of the Starship designs posted on this blog, but not of this Gladius thing. I for one find it a particularly annoying example of what I’d call the “Retro Warthog” aesthetic By which I mean it’s meant to look as mean as the USAF’s tank-busting A-10 Thunderbolt II — and it winds up looking a lot like this plane, which its pilots nickname “Warthog” because it is the ugliest thing in the sky this side of a turkey buzzard…

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