TOS Constitution Class Bridge

From the files Star Trek: The Magazine, we bring you today the nerve center of the TOS era Constitution Class starship. This layout had to be considered revolutionary at the time it was designed back in the 1960’s. In  the decades since it has been expanded upon, modernized, copied, referenced, etc…


Civillian Vesel – S.S. Raven – Schematics

Seen as wreckage in one episode but then appearing in multiple flashback scenes from Voyager’s  “Dark Frontier”, here lies the S.S. Raven. This is the civillian vessel that Seven of Nine’s parents used on their safari to study the Borg.

Kelvin-Era Phaser

I found these pics some months ago. They are indicated as the Phaser prop designed used in the 2009’s Star Trek by the crew of the U.S.S. Kelvin in the scenes at the beginning of the film. Of course, I’ve yet to get a good look at them in the film. But I will say this, I like this design, even more than the Phasers that showed up later aboard Enterprise…This definitely fits the Kelvin, much more rugged than those used on Enterpise.















































Federation Starship – Odyssey Class – Additional Images

Here are a few images recently posted on Facebook of the Odyssey Class U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-F. Here you can see her with the Saucer separated from the Secondary Hull, and an as-yet unmentioned Auxilliary Craft, perhaps the Captain‘s Yacht? I must say I am looking forward to having this ship class available on Star Trek Online.












































Star Trek Online – Special Starships – Tactical Escort Refit

The original Defiant, commanded by Captain Benjamin Sisko, was on the front lines during the Dominion War. When it was lost to the Breen at the Second Battle of Chin’toka, Starfleet assigned the U.S.S. Sao Paulo to Deep Space Nine, but gave Sisko and his crew permission to rename the ship to Defiant.

Almost 35 years later Starfleet has launched the Tactical Escort Refit: Sao Paulo Class in honor of that ship. This vessel comes equipped with Quad Phaser Cannons. This fearsome energy weapon draws power from the ship’s engines to deal massive damage to an enemy. The Quad Phaser Cannons scale in effectiveness with your Rank and Grade, and may be equipped on any Escort or the Dreadnought Cruiser.






















Star Trek Online – Personal Starships – U.S.S. Ney’Tiri

Having grown bored with the Science Role, I decided to start over again and create a new character for Star Trek Online. This time, we are taking the more aggressive approach with a Tactical Officer. We also decided it would be fun to be play an alien this time around. I chose an Andorian, one of my favorite alien races thanks to the performance of Jeffrey Coombs as Shran on Enterprise. So here have for you the first of our upgraded starships: the tactical escort U.S.S. Ney’Tiri, NCC-93530. Yes, she is named after the Na’Vi character portrayed by Zoe Saladana in James Cameron’s Avatar. I’m actuallu planning to name all subsequent starships after either characters or creatures from the film. Anyway, she is a combination of the Gladius Class and the Rapier Class. She’s fast, well armed, very maneuverable…and ugly. But I like her anyway.

































































Pre-Federation Starship – Unknown Class

Here again from The Drex Files we have CG renders of another starship that appeared briefly in Enterprise. Like the Warp Delta vessel, this unknown class of starship appeared in “The Expanse“, coming to the of Captain Archer and Crew. A name was never found for this class, but the ship in the episode was called the U.S.S. Intrepid.















Pre-Federation Starship – I.S.S. Emette

Appearing only in the opening credits of Enterprise, here is an early Earth Warp Vessel: the I.S.S. Emette. These images are courtesy of The Drex Files.
























































Pre-Federation Starship – Warp Delta Vessel

I beleive this early Starfleet vessel made its first brief appearance in the Enterprise Season 2 closer “The Expanse“. It then popped up a couple of times later in the series. It’s class type was never really named, nor any of its capabilities. What little we know is that it does pre-date the NX Class. It has been referred to as the Wapr Delta Vessel. Here are some Color renderings from The Drex Files.











Pre-Federation Vehicle – NX Prototype

Appearing in the Enterprise Season 2 episode “First Flight“, this is the NX-Prototype, NX-Alpha. As you can see, she is a descendent of the Zefram Cochran’s Warp Ship “Phoenix” from First Contact. Designed as the Warp 2 test ship, NX-Alpha was destroyed during a test flight that nearly cost Earth its Warp Program.