Federation Starship – Vesta Class

Designed by Mark Rademaker, the Vesta Class starship, here the U.S.S. Aventine, appeared in one of the Ships of the Line Calendars a couple of years ago. We have here a side and top profile, as well as a the image that appeared in the calendar itself.


2 comments on “Federation Starship – Vesta Class

  1. Rule # 2 of Roddenberry’s Design Rules for STAR TREK Starships insists that a ship’s warp nacelles have at least a 50% line-of-sight on each other. The “Raven” obviously violates this rule, as neither of its warp nacelles can “see” the other, the “Raven’s” hull being in the way.
    However, one of the many charms of STAR TREK is that a production decision made because “it looks cool” or “we gotta keep the show moving” can, on closer inspection, be shown to make perfectly rational sense. The Transporter is the best example of this, but the placement of the “Raven’s” nacelles can be another.
    If you think of a starship’s warp nacelle as a garden sprinkler, and the warp field it produces as the sprinkler’s water spray, then you can see how letting the warp nacelles “see” each other allows their warp fields to meet, mix, and possibly reinforce each other,thereby allowing the ship to reach a higher warp factor than it otherwise can.
    However, speed isn’t always a ship designer’s first priority. It clearly wasn’t for the “Raven,” which in violating Design Rule # 2 will end up a slow ship (at warp speeds) no matter how streamlined it otherwise is. But anyone who’s seen STAR TREK: VOYAGER will know that the “Raven” was first and foremost a family ship, rather like a STAR TREK version of a personal yacht, and so its design emphasizes cargo-carrying capacity over speed. Which didn’t let it outrun the Borg, of course, but what yacht owner realistically expects to have to outrun high-tech pirates from hell on a regular basis?

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