Star Trek Online – Special Auxilliary Craft – Yellowstone Class Runabout Refit

Smaller than a starship but larger than a shuttlecraft, the Yellowstone is the newest Runabout in the Federation line.

The Yellowstone comes with an advanced Tetryon-Plasma Engine. This engine grants a +32 bonus to your Starship Warp Core Potential. The Tetryon-Plasma can also be ejected behind the Runabout. Any enemy ship that passes through the Tetryon-Plasma cloud will be slowed and may have its engines knocked offline. The Tetryon-Plasma Engine may be used on any small craft or fighter.

Like other Runabouts, the Yellowstone is often used as a tow vehicle. It comes equipped with a Tractor Beam to handle these utilitarian missions.

Items from the Yellowstone Class can only be used on other small craft.

Unlocking this option also unlocks a Yellowstone Class non-combat pet that can be launched from your starship. The pet does not take up a device slot, but does need to be in your inventory to be launched.




















Star Trk Online – Personal Starships – U.S.S. Sulaco

The reason fo my previous post about the Starship “Costumes” of Star Trek Online is made clear…I’ve been waiting to show off my favorite starship from the game. This comes from my first online character, Adm. John Able. His command ship is the Assault Cruiser  U.S.S. Sulaco, NCC-93736. I call her “The Beast”. She’s big, beautiful, and armed to the teeth. Granted she’s a little slow in the turns, but a few engineering console upgrades will help with that.

Her design consists of components from the Imperial Class, Noble Class and Majestic Class. And, yes, she is named after the Colonial Marine Cruiser from James Cameron‘s Aliens.


Star Trek Online – Starship “Costumes” – Various Classes

In the early days of Star Trek Online, before the release of the Specialty Starship classes, unique starship “Costumes” were made available to purchase, with C-Store Points,for each of the Admiralty Level classes. Essentially, they are a new addition to each class of vessel, either to be used in whole or as components that can be used in combination with the original 3 classes availble in-game. There are 6 costumes available:

Hephaestus Class

Maelstrom Class

Imperial Class

Nomad Class

Comet Class

Nimbus Class