Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – U.S.S. Ticonderoga – Odyssey Class Tactical Cruiser

13 06 2013

I consider this my flagship in the world of Star Trek Online. The Odyssey Class Tactical Cruiser U.S.S. Ticonderoga, NCC-92628. Such a beautiful starship, in my opinion. Strong and resilient, but a little lacking in maneuverability. Here she is equipped with the Aegis Technological Research equipment set: Aegis Graviton Deflector Array, Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines, and Aegis Covariant Shield Array. Equipping these items adds the glowing lines along the leading edges and other areas of the outer hull. Also of note is the particle effect emanating from the deflector dish. In game play, using these items in conjunction with each other enables a Thoron Distortion Field, as well as Reactive Shielding that regenerates more rapidly as long as your ship stays in motion.

Ticonderoga_Aegis_001 Ticonderoga_Aegis_002 Ticonderoga_Aegis_003


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2 responses

15 06 2013

Got mine when I was testing it out around Mars. A fine ship but the maneuvering is somewhat intolerable.

15 08 2013
Jonny D (@almightywhacko)

Very nice. I am working with my fleet in order to get our shipyard to the point where I can buy one without using cash ;)

Until then I am using a Vanguard/Avenger star cruiser which is also a very nice design.

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