Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – Modified Shikar class – -U.S.S. Patriot

Patriot001 Patriot002

It’s been a few years since STO came online. A lot has changed. New contant has been added. Many new starships, as you’ve seen in previous posts. Older missions have been retooled. Some of the more repetitive farming missions have been removed altogether.

Just for kicks I decided to go ahead and create a new Starfleet officer and live the experience again…also with slightly better computer so i can enjoy better graphics along the way.

This new character, Johnathan Able, is focusing on the Engineering Career Path (instead of science like my other long-standing character). The ships he will be commanding will be Cruisers.

First up, the U.S.S. Patriot, NCC-93503. She is a modified Shikar Class. This is your beginner level starship, unless you choose to purchase one of the 3 C-store ships available. I have them, but chose to scrap them for their special items and fly the standard ship.

Oh, and here’s Ensign Able as well…



One comment on “Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – Modified Shikar class – -U.S.S. Patriot

  1. Of what I tell of her lines. She appears to be a variant of the AKIRA class Heavy Cruiser, but with a secondary hull.The picture is to dark for me to identify details. But there appears to be either a Roll-Bar Weapons Pod or Sensor Pod on top. With possible Mega-Phaser Cannon Pods, as well. I’d probably put her into the classification of a Exploratory Frigate design.

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