Concept Art – Star Trek Invasion

star-trek-invasionfortress_mode uss_typhon011orcus 2griphon 3scarabvalkyrie_final02 StarfleetFighter valkyrie_final01a





Starfleet Starfighters? A Starfighter Carrier that deploys from the underside of a Sovereign Class Starship? I dont think this idea sold too well. Not too sure who drew these, some of the ideas arent very original (a Sabre class starship morphed into a Starfighter?) Nevertheless, I thought it would be neat to include these…


Star Trek Online – Concept Art

starship-e starship-b starship-a-colorMain_concept_STO_Excalibur0021peships




Here’s a little bit of concept art I found from the initial developings of Star Trek Online. A couple of these are drawn by Veteran Star Trek Concept Artist John Eaves…its cool to see that some of these have found their way into the game…