Starfleet – KD-56 Gryphon Warp Fighter






While i’m not exactly a fan of the idea of Starfighters within the StarTrek Universe, I am all for them in Sci-Fi in general. And this one, as designed by Andrew Gillespie & GKD Designs, is pretty cool. Great lines and superb detail work.

Not sure if they have any other designs out there, but I would be curious to see what they are able to do with a Starfleet starship.


Star Trek Online – Special Auxilliary Craft – Yellowstone Class Runabout Refit

Smaller than a starship but larger than a shuttlecraft, the Yellowstone is the newest Runabout in the Federation line.

The Yellowstone comes with an advanced Tetryon-Plasma Engine. This engine grants a +32 bonus to your Starship Warp Core Potential. The Tetryon-Plasma can also be ejected behind the Runabout. Any enemy ship that passes through the Tetryon-Plasma cloud will be slowed and may have its engines knocked offline. The Tetryon-Plasma Engine may be used on any small craft or fighter.

Like other Runabouts, the Yellowstone is often used as a tow vehicle. It comes equipped with a Tractor Beam to handle these utilitarian missions.

Items from the Yellowstone Class can only be used on other small craft.

Unlocking this option also unlocks a Yellowstone Class non-combat pet that can be launched from your starship. The pet does not take up a device slot, but does need to be in your inventory to be launched.



















Delta Flyer – Auxilliary Spacecraft – Schematics

Today I thought we’d bring you the schematics of the Delta Flyer, an Auxilliary craft built by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager. I always thought this was a rather neat design and liked the way it incorporated both Starfleet and Borg technology.