Concept Art – Star Trek Invasion

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Starfleet Starfighters? A Starfighter Carrier that deploys from the underside of a Sovereign Class Starship? I dont think this idea sold too well. Not too sure who drew these, some of the ideas arent very original (a Sabre class starship morphed into a Starfighter?) Nevertheless, I thought it would be neat to include these…


Star Trek Online – Concept Art

starship-e starship-b starship-a-colorMain_concept_STO_Excalibur0021peships




Here’s a little bit of concept art I found from the initial developings of Star Trek Online. A couple of these are drawn by Veteran Star Trek Concept Artist John Eaves…its cool to see that some of these have found their way into the game…

Concept Art: U.S.S Vengeance

I just found some of this today. I know its nothing really new to some of you, but wanted to show it off anyway. This is concept art of the U.S.S. Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Not a pretty starship by any means. But, as those of you who have seen the movie know, very powerful.

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Federation Starship Concepts by ATOLM

Many of you will be aware of the artist known as Atolm. I stumbled upon some of his artwork a few years ago. Sadly, little has been heard from him lately. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show off a couple of my favorite designs of his. Some of these are truly inspired.  For those who have not heard of him or seen any of his work, enjoy this…

Evolution of the next Enterprise. NCC-1701-F, pt2…

Star Trek Online recently released the next chapter in their essay on the evolution of the next incarnation of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-F. Head on over to the site,, if you want to check out the full article. Here are the images released for this next phase of the developement…






Evolution of the next Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, pt1…

During a period of offtime away from Star Trek Online, the mad geniuses over at Cryptic Studios decided to run a contest allowing the fans and gamers the chance to design the next Starship Enterprise. Talk about a bad time to take a break from the game. Oh well. The winner has been picked, and the Star Trek Online website is now presenting an expose’ on the evolution of this new starship from the creator’s oringinal sketch, winner Adam Ihle, to what I am hoping will be the final in-game model. From the first chapter we get to see the winning design sketch as well as the first rough “proof-of-conept” 3D model, giving us an idea of the basic overall shape.

Art by Adam Ihle


Akula Class Federation Starship – Re-imagined

As some of you may have seen in a previous post, I redesigned my Pioneer Class starship so that it would fit into the new timeline created in 2009s Star Trek. Well, here we have another attempt to embrace the new design philosophy. Anyone who has played the video-game Star Trek D-A-C should recognize the design as the Support Vessel. We made a slight addition in that I felt it needed a deflector dish. Since its overall design was similar enough, we named this the Akula Class after the ship class that has appeared in the PC game Starfleet Command.

Next up, we will be trying a simple re-imagining of the Saladin class.

Art by Collin J Wood

Pathfinder Class Federation Starship – Concept

Having always been a fan of the old Deadulus Class starship, I was pleasantly surprised to see a return to the spherical pimary hull in the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation – “All Good Things…”. The U.S.S. Pasteur was an elegantly simple design. And of cours, I was inspired to try my hand at incorporating the spherical primary hull into my own designs. What you see here is not the first attempt. There were two that came before, but this is my favorite…the Pathfinder Class Exploration Cruiser.

Art by Collin J Wood