Oberth Class Starship – Color Views

I found these on an old disk I had forgotten about. Some pretty decent fan-made CG renders of the old Oberth Class Science vessel.





































Star Trek Online – Special Starship – Oberth Class

Here we have one of my personal favorites of the starships you can purchase with your Cryptic Points in Star Trek Online’s C-Store: the Oberth Class science vessel. She’s small and very nimble. This class is also meant for the Lieutenant rank. She comes equipped with an extra science console and an EnHanced Plasma Manifold, which you can take with you as you rank up and progress on to more advanced starships.

Oberth Class Federation Starship – Schematics

The Search for Spock not only brought us the U.S.S. Excelssior, but it also introduced us to the Oberth Class Federation Starship, the U.S.S. Grissom. A bit of an odd design this one. You can tell that it is truly a ship of exploration, no agressive lines whatsoever. This ship too was used quite a bit during the early run of The Next Generation.