Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – Modified Exeter Class – U.S.S. Alexandra

Alexandra001 Alexandra002 (2) Alexandra003




And so the adventure continues…Johnathan Able, now a Lieutenant in Starfleet, has been granted command of the cruiser U.S.S Alexandra, NCC-93062.

She’s named after my 2nd daughter’s middle name…sort of a tradition for this new STO character, as you’ll see with the next couple of ships.

I rather like this design…an upgrade to the old Constitution Class.

Oh, and her’s an updated look at a slightly older Lt. Able…



Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – Modified Shikar class – -U.S.S. Patriot

Patriot001 Patriot002

It’s been a few years since STO came online. A lot has changed. New contant has been added. Many new starships, as you’ve seen in previous posts. Older missions have been retooled. Some of the more repetitive farming missions have been removed altogether.

Just for kicks I decided to go ahead and create a new Starfleet officer and live the experience again…also with slightly better computer so i can enjoy better graphics along the way.

This new character, Johnathan Able, is focusing on the Engineering Career Path (instead of science like my other long-standing character). The ships he will be commanding will be Cruisers.

First up, the U.S.S. Patriot, NCC-93503. She is a modified Shikar Class. This is your beginner level starship, unless you choose to purchase one of the 3 C-store ships available. I have them, but chose to scrap them for their special items and fly the standard ship.

Oh, and here’s Ensign Able as well…


Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – U.S.S. Ticonderoga – Odyssey Class Tactical Cruiser

I consider this my flagship in the world of Star Trek Online. The Odyssey Class Tactical Cruiser U.S.S. Ticonderoga, NCC-92628. Such a beautiful starship, in my opinion. Strong and resilient, but a little lacking in maneuverability. Here she is equipped with the Aegis Technological Research equipment set: Aegis Graviton Deflector Array, Aegis Hyper-Impulse Engines, and Aegis Covariant Shield Array. Equipping these items adds the glowing lines along the leading edges and other areas of the outer hull. Also of note is the particle effect emanating from the deflector dish. In game play, using these items in conjunction with each other enables a Thoron Distortion Field, as well as Reactive Shielding that regenerates more rapidly as long as your ship stays in motion.

Ticonderoga_Aegis_001 Ticonderoga_Aegis_002 Ticonderoga_Aegis_003


Star Trek Online – Personal Starships – U.S.S. Sojourner

Moving right along within Star Trek Online, character has finally made it to the rank of Captain. This is thanks in large to the new Duty Officer system, which is kinda fun to mess with. As usual, the promotion comes along with a new class of starship. Using the last of my C-Store points, I opted to purchase the Bellerophon Class Refit Long Range Science Vessel. The only modifcations to her design were to use the nacelle pylons of the Discovery Class, and then a different Aztec pattern. She is christened the U.S.S. Sojourner, NCC-94360. She has been upgraded to include the Prototype Red Matter Capacitor, Enhanced Plasma Manifold, Photonic Displacer Module, Subspace Field Modulator, and the new Nadeon Detonator Module.

I love this design. The game designers even went so far as to include the variable geometry aspect into the warp nacelles. Whenever you go to warp, they rotate up into position. I have included here numerous shots of this awesome new ship.




















































Star Trek Online – Personal Starships – U.S.S. Perseus

With the new Duty Officer System up and running, and a 400 day bonus modifier on skill points, I have been able to advance my Star Trek Online character to Commander rank pretty quickly, more quickly than I was expecting actually. But, it has afforded me the opportunity to comman one of my favorite starship classes: the Research Science Vessel. Commander Ableman has christened her the U.S.S. Perseus, NCC-92939. She has been engineered using the components of all three types of Research Science Vessels: the Hope Class, Olympic Class, and the Horizon Class.

Cmdr. Ableman also had her outfitted with the Prototype Red Matter Capacitor, the Enhanced Plasma Manifold, our Photonic Displacer, and our newest acquisition: a Subspace Field Modulator. As a necessity, she’s armed pretty well too.