Pre-Federation Starship – I.S.S. Emette

Appearing only in the opening credits of Enterprise, here is an early Earth Warp Vessel: the I.S.S. Emette. These images are courtesy of The Drex Files.

























































Pre-Federation Starship – Warp Delta Vessel

I beleive this early Starfleet vessel made its first brief appearance in the Enterprise Season 2 closer “The Expanse“. It then popped up a couple of times later in the series. It’s class type was never really named, nor any of its capabilities. What little we know is that it does pre-date the NX Class. It has been referred to as the Wapr Delta Vessel. Here are some Color renderings from The Drex Files.











Pre-Federation Vehicle – NX Prototype

Appearing in the Enterprise Season 2 episode “First Flight“, this is the NX-Prototype, NX-Alpha. As you can see, she is a descendent of the Zefram Cochran’s Warp Ship “Phoenix” from First Contact. Designed as the Warp 2 test ship, NX-Alpha was destroyed during a test flight that nearly cost Earth its Warp Program.

Star Trek Online – Personal Starship – Command Crew U.S.S. Perseus

Last night as I was online completing  few missions, I thought it would be fun to take a quick snapshot of Commander Ableman and his command crew. You might notice that they are wearing TOS style uniforms. Was feeling a bit retro once we ranked up to Commander. Ableman himself is actually wearing the TOS Mirror Universe jacket. Behind him, from right to left, we have Six of Nine (Cheif Engineer, liberated Borg), Kel Orum (Chief of Security,  unknown alien race), Thyris (1st Officer and Tactical Officer, Andorian) , and Zedere (Chief Science Officer, Trill). This shot is from oneof my favorite missions during which the crew gets to use the Guardian, from the TOS episode “City on the Edge of Forever“, to travel back in time and thwart a nasty Klingon‘s plans to alter history. During the mission you get to assist the original Enterprise in battle against Klingon D-7 battlecruisers. As an added bonus, you receive a couple of communications from Spock himself, voiced by Leonard Nimoy.


Star Trek Online – Special Vessel – Thunderchild Class

The only Tier3 specialty vessel currently available in the Star Trek Online C-Store, comes the Thunderchild Class. The first U.S.S. Thunderchild was an Akira Class starship that fought the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373. The Heavy Escort Refit: Thunderchild Class pays homage to the brave men and women who served aboard that vessel. This ship comes equipped with a Point Defense System. This console activates an automated Phaser Turret Point Defense System designed to defend the vessel from small craft, mines and targetable torpedoes, but that will also target larger vessels as well. This console can be equipped on any escort in any console slot.

Star Trek Online – Tier 5 Starships – Federation Advanced Escorts

Once you have achieved the Rank of Rear Admiral, Lower-Half, not only are you granted access to the Tier 5 Starships, but you have more of a variety of the type of starship you can choose from. For those with the Tactical preference, your first option is the Advanced Escort, which includes the Prometheus Class, Hephaestus Class, and the Phoenix Class. At this point in your game, however, the Multi-Vector Assault mode is not available…yet.










Star Trek Online – Tier 3 Starships – Federation Research Science Vessels

Rounding out the Tier 3 Federation Starships of Star Trek Online come my personal favorites: the Research Science Vessels. These are 3 variations of the U.S.S. Pasteur, appearing the TNG Series finale. you may choose from a more elaborate version of the Olympic class, or the new Hope Class, and Horizon class. Of course, you may also choose your favirote components of each and create your own.










Star Trek Online – Tier 2 Starships – Federation Cruisers

I would consider these, and all of the other Cruisers, the workhorse class. Bigger than the Escorts and Science vessels, more crew, better repair rates. The Tier 2 vessels include the classic Refit Constitution Class, and the new Excalibur and Vesper Classes.

Master Systems Display – Galaxy Class

Here is an updated MSD for the Galaxy Class Federation Starship. I recommend you check out Alexander Richardson’s blog He has a lot of great work there and was nice enough to allow us to post examples of his Master Systems Displays. Give him some traffic, please.