NX Class Starship – Refit

A number of months ago, Doug Drexler released a few images of what he indicated the NX-01 Enterprise may have looked like in the cancelled 5th season of Star Trek: Enterprise. He then went to indicate that a glorious CGI model was being crafted to appear in the 2011 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar. Having seen this, I am even more disappointed that Enterprise was cancelled so early. This is a great evolution for the ship, giving it the Secondary Hull to really tie it into the Enterprise family line. As I read the novels that take place after the end of the television series, this is how I picture Enterprise in her continuing adventures…

Starfleet Uniform Concept (Alpha)

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Before I discovered all of the various, and rather cool, designs of the Starfleet uniforms created for the MMO Star Trek Online (yes, I am a member) I began sketching out some Starfleet uniforms of my own. These were completed a few months ago. This design was inspired by the Time Travel uniform worn by Crewman Daniels from Star Trek: Enterprise, my favorite of all of the television series. You may notice the color variation of the 3rd uniform. I always felt there should be a separation of the Medical and Science divisions. Keeping the standard blue for science, it seemd appropriate to give medical the mint green color, in keeping with the old-fashioned green scrubs. These are meant to be similar to the jumpsuits worn in the Next Generation era.

Art by Collin J Wood

NX Class Starship…

Here await the glorious renders that were made available by Polar Lights when they released their highly detailed model kit of the Starship Enterprise NX-01. I know a lot of fans complained about this design, dubbing it the “Akira-prise” becuase of its obvious similarities to the Akira-Class starship that first appeared in Star Trek: First Contact, but I always felt the design was very fitting for the concept of the show. The level of detail in this CGI model is outstanding.

Federation Starship – Pioneer Class – Ship System Displays

These last couple of images are ship system displays for our Pioneer Class starship. Again, these were heavily influenced by the artwork that appears in Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise.

Artwork by Collin J Wood


Artwork by Collin J Wood




Federation Starship – Pioneer Class – Inboard Schematic

This is the inboard schematic that we designed for the Federation Starship Pioneer Class, as seen in the previous post. This was completed using an old version of Photoshop, and a lot of reference to Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise.


Art b Collin J Wood