NX-01 Enterprise Refit



Found this some time ago, dont know why i waited so long to post it…This is a fantastic CG model of the Refit NX-01 Enterprise, created by WileyCoyote (TrekModeler) and this ortho was assembled by Admiral Horton?? Also, we have an MSD created by Alexander Richardson ( https://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/  he’s got some good stuff over there)


Throwing in a couple of beauty shots for good measure…PLG10011 tumblr_mu3rj6vseJ1rzu2xzo1_1280



MSD – NX Class



I dont recall seeing this during the show’s run. Sounds like a good excuse for me to rewatch all 4 seasons 🙂 But here’s a nice looking Master Systems Display from the old NX-01 Enterprise. If anyone knows who created this, let me know so i can give the proper credit…


Master Systems Display – Excelsior Class Refit

Here is the Master Systems Display created for the Enterprise B forSTar Trek: Generations.I always preferred the cool color-scheme of the greens and blues of this time period.

Enterprise Evolution Chart

Suricata, check his blog out at suricatafx.com, recently released this updated Evolution Chart of the esteemed U.S.S. Enterprise. He has included the latest addiditon to the family, the Odyssey Class NCC-1701-F from Star Trek Online. Also in there is the Constitution Class from the JJVerse.

Pre-Federation Starship – I.S.S. Emette

Appearing only in the opening credits of Enterprise, here is an early Earth Warp Vessel: the I.S.S. Emette. These images are courtesy of The Drex Files.
























































Pre-Federation Vehicle – NX Prototype

Appearing in the Enterprise Season 2 episode “First Flight“, this is the NX-Prototype, NX-Alpha. As you can see, she is a descendent of the Zefram Cochran’s Warp Ship “Phoenix” from First Contact. Designed as the Warp 2 test ship, NX-Alpha was destroyed during a test flight that nearly cost Earth its Warp Program.

Federation Starship – U.S.S. Enterprise – NCC-1701-F – Beauty Shots

I just came across these yesterday: some beautiful renders of the new Odyssey class starship, U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, fan-designed for Star Trek Online. We are anxiously awaiting her appearance within the game.

Pre-Federation Colony Vessel – S.S. Conestoga

Here are a couple of great images of the S.S. Conestoga from Enterprise’s 1st season episode, Tera Nova. The ship itself was only seen in an archival image durng the show. Not much detail into the service specs were given except that it’s hull sections were designed to be dismantled to form a colony on the planet’s surface.

Evolution of the next Enterprise, NCC-1701-F, pt3…

I’m a little behind with this one…but here she is…Star Trek Online has finally released the newest addition to the Enterprise family line…The Odyssey Class. ANe she looks magnificent. I believe this is a wonderful addition, a truly awesome design.

Evolution of the next Enterprise. NCC-1701-F, pt2…

Star Trek Online recently released the next chapter in their essay on the evolution of the next incarnation of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-F. Head on over to the site, http://www.startrekonline.com/node/2492, if you want to check out the full article. Here are the images released for this next phase of the developement…