NX-01 Enterprise Refit



Found this some time ago, dont know why i waited so long to post it…This is a fantastic CG model of the Refit NX-01 Enterprise, created by WileyCoyote (TrekModeler) and this ortho was assembled by Admiral Horton?? Also, we have an MSD created by Alexander Richardson ( https://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/  he’s got some good stuff over there)


Throwing in a couple of beauty shots for good measure…PLG10011 tumblr_mu3rj6vseJ1rzu2xzo1_1280



MSD – NX Class



I dont recall seeing this during the show’s run. Sounds like a good excuse for me to rewatch all 4 seasons 🙂 But here’s a nice looking Master Systems Display from the old NX-01 Enterprise. If anyone knows who created this, let me know so i can give the proper credit…


Master Systems Display – Intrepid Class

Here we have yet another wonderfully crafted Master Systems Display created by Alexander Richardson (http://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/). If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out his blog. He has created many MSDs for multiple classes of starships, both cannon and non-cannon. This belongs to the U.S.S. Messenger, NCC-74831, of the Intrepid Class.

Master Systems Displays – Nova Class

Next up, we bring you the Master Systems Display of the Nova Class. Sadly I cannot credit the artist, but I think they did a decent job on this tiny ship. This MSD belongs to the U.S.S. Equinox that appeared in Star Trek: Voyager.

Master Systems Display – Chariot Class

Not sure where I found this, but Deif created a stunning Master Systems Display for the Chariot Class. This MSD is for the slightly altered rendition by Howard Day, based on the original design by Atolm…

Master Systems Display – Centaur Class

Since it’s been a while since I have regularly posted new content, I thought I would try to get started here today with this superbly detailed MSD of the Centaur Class, rendered by Aexander Richardson (http://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/).