NX-01 Enterprise Refit



Found this some time ago, dont know why i waited so long to post it…This is a fantastic CG model of the Refit NX-01 Enterprise, created by WileyCoyote (TrekModeler) and this ortho was assembled by Admiral Horton?? Also, we have an MSD created by Alexander Richardson ( https://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/  he’s got some good stuff over there)


Throwing in a couple of beauty shots for good measure…PLG10011 tumblr_mu3rj6vseJ1rzu2xzo1_1280



MSD – NX Class



I dont recall seeing this during the show’s run. Sounds like a good excuse for me to rewatch all 4 seasons 🙂 But here’s a nice looking Master Systems Display from the old NX-01 Enterprise. If anyone knows who created this, let me know so i can give the proper credit…


NX Class Starship…

Here await the glorious renders that were made available by Polar Lights when they released their highly detailed model kit of the Starship Enterprise NX-01. I know a lot of fans complained about this design, dubbing it the “Akira-prise” becuase of its obvious similarities to the Akira-Class starship that first appeared in Star Trek: First Contact, but I always felt the design was very fitting for the concept of the show. The level of detail in this CGI model is outstanding.