NX-01 Enterprise Refit



Found this some time ago, dont know why i waited so long to post it…This is a fantastic CG model of the Refit NX-01 Enterprise, created by WileyCoyote (TrekModeler) and this ortho was assembled by Admiral Horton?? Also, we have an MSD created by Alexander Richardson ( https://lcarsgfx.wordpress.com/  he’s got some good stuff over there)


Throwing in a couple of beauty shots for good measure…PLG10011 tumblr_mu3rj6vseJ1rzu2xzo1_1280



Star Trek Online – Tier 6 Starship – Andromeda Class – Exploration Cruiser

4e9b0a425e94278598916fbd99ea98081427912051 Following the success of the Pathfinder class in Operation Delta Rising, Starfleet Corps of Engineers teams at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards began work on updates of other core ship designs in the Federation fleet. The Andromeda Exploration Cruiser is the first ship from this effort to be released to Starfleet captains. An update of the famed Galaxy class that was the flagship of Starfleet in the mid-24th century, the Andromeda incorporates updated technology developed to give this ship improved capabilities for the difficult challenges Starfleet faces in the months ahead.

This starship features a Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command specialist seat.


The Andromeda Class Exploration Cruiser has its own unique costumes and gains access to parts from the Galaxy and Monarch costumes and can also use parts from the Venture Class if you own that starship.

Ship Details

  • Tier: 6
  • Faction: Starfleet
  • Required Rank: Vice Admiral
  • Hull Strength: 45,885 at level 50 and 53,200 at level 60
  • Shield Modifier: 1
  • Crew: 1000
  • Fore Weapons: 4
  • Aft Weapons: 4
  • Device Slots: 4
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering/Command, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Science, 1 Ensign Universal
  • Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 3 Science
  • Base Turn Rate: 6 degrees/second
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.15
  • Friction/Traction: 25
  • +5 to all power levels
  • Console – Universal – Molecular Cohesion Nullifier Field
  • Starship Ability Package (Cruiser)
    • Absorptive Plating
    • Rapid Repairs
    • Enhanced Plating
    • Armored Hull
    • Explosive Polarity Shift (Starship Trait)
  • Cruiser Command Array
    • Command – Strategic Maneuvering
    • Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
    • Command – Weapon System Efficiency
    • Command – Attract Fire


Console – Universal – Molecular Cohesion Nullifier

Experimental shielding technology has taken a turn towards offensive weaponry, allowing this device to generate a local field that damages the molecular bonds of matter in a short radius. The Molecular Cohesion Nullifier Field will also protect the user from all sources of damage while active. Both the damage and damage resistance effects will resonate at more powerful frequencies, based on how many foes are within the affected area. In addition, while equipped, this console also provides a passive bonus to max sub-system power levels.

Andromeda Class Exploration Cruiser

This unique console may be equipped on any Exploration Cruiser variant or Starfleet Dreadnought Cruiser, in any console slot. You may only equip one of these mods on any single ship.

Enhanced Engineering Systems Set

Equipping multiple consoles from the Exploration Cruiser Refit, Exploration Cruiser Retrofit and Exploration Cruiser [T6]will bestow set bonuses to your starship.

Consoles in this set:

  • Console – Universal – Antimatter Spread
  • Console – Universal – Saucer Separation
  • Console – Universal – Molecular Cohesion Nullifier

Set Bonuses:

  • Enhanced Structural Systems (2pc) – Passive
    • +All Damage Resistance
    • +Turn Rate
    • +Engine Power
  • Reinforced Shielding (3pc) – Passive
    • +Maximum Shield Capacity
    • +Shield Regeneration
    • Reduces energy damage to shields

Andromeda003 Andromeda002 Andromeda001